HDMI LA Brand Enforcement

Adopter certification and certificate verification Online Listing Takedowns Customs/Raids – factory and tradeshows Apologies & Actual Enforcement Activities

HDMI LA Brand Enforcement

What we do

  • Adopter certificate verification
  • Online marketplace enforcement
  • Customs enforcement
  • Raids-factories and tradeshows
  • Posted public infringer apologies

How you can help

We have established an online reporting tool,
allowing you to anonymously report
suspected counterfeiters using this webform

Adopter Certificate

Each year, HDMI LA releases a different HDMI® Adopter Certificate with enhanced anti-counterfeiting features. Adopter Certificates are issued on request and will be provided to Adopters that are Compliant. The certificate is valid for one year from the Adopters license anniversary date. Adopter Certificates can be provided to Resellers/Brands and Customs Authorities to show the manufacturer is licensed and in good standing.

The Adopter’s Certificate includes:

  1. A QR code, which when scanned will direct the user to confirm the license status of the manufacturer, on the HDMI LA website. If the manufacturer is:
    • Terminated, the scan will direct the user to the Terminated Adopters list.
    • Active, the scan will direct the user to the Active Adopters list.
    • Or has no license history, the scan result will be Invalid.
  2. Watermark with Adopter’s name
  3. Color coded based on year of issue
  4. Copyrighted© seal
  5. Unique certification number

Online Enforcement

We actively monitor over forty online marketplaces worldwide, using proprietary crawling services to assist us with identifying potential counterfeit listings and taking appropriate actions. Using a partner such as Vantage BP allows us to reach the far corners of the market in our effort to protect and preserve the online ecosystem.

Customs Enforcement

HDMI LA proactively works and supports Customs authorities worldwide, providing trainings, and intelligence related to emerging threats, assisting them with identifying and stopping fake products at the border. HDMI LA policy is to never compromise these efforts, we will not barter, make deals, or assist with the release of counterfeit goods.

Tradeshow Enforcement

The HDMI LA Brand Protection Team actively monitors all major Consumer Electronic and industry tradeshows, reporting identified infringers to the tradeshow associations for product removal and when deemed necessary we file legal injunctions, seizing and securing goods and intelligence for further enforcement or litigation.

Factory Raids

Intelligence gathered through our enforcement efforts fuels the escalation towards factory raids, and potential civil and criminal complaints, effectively eliminating the threat of counterfeit products entering commerce and holding the responsible parties accountable.

Factory raids result in the seizure of thousands of unlicensed products
Apology letters published in local media may be required of infringing companies
Customs authorities are trained in identifying and stopping fake products at the border
Trade shows are inspected for intelligence and in some cases displays of unlicensed products are shut down


HDMI® Licensing Administrator, Inc. (HDMI LA) is the agent appointed by the HDMI Forum to license Version 2.1b of the HDMI Specification and is the agent appointed by the HDMI Founders to license earlier HDMI Specifications.

Our Contacts


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